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Notice of Poll
For election of Parish Councillor – Holbury Ward (PDF)

Statement of Persons Nominated:
For election of Parish Councillor – Holbury Ward  (PDF)

Notice of Election
Fawley Parish Council (Holbury Ward) 

Notice Of Election (PDF)

Fawley Parish Council is the largest Parish Council in the New Forest with 15 Councillors around 36 permanent staff and boasts some impressive facilities and amenities which can be viewed on this web site.

Vacancy –  Clerk to the Council

Closing date –  5th August 2015
Interviews –  11th August 2015

More details can be found here

The Parish is made up of Fawley, Blackfield, Calshot, Langley, Holbury and Hardley villages with a population of around 15,000 people and is located in the most southerly area of the Waterside within the New Forest with its shore line opening onto the Solent.

The Council is committed to the provision of facilities and resources to its residents and is developing a range of events, activities and new projects to bring the community together and develop local networks.