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festive-safety-family-decorating-the-treeYour local police and Fawley Parish Council would like you to enjoy the festive period. Please remember these valuable points to keep you and your property safe. Wishing all residents of the Waterside a Happy Christmas, stay safe everyone.

When Shopping:
• Make sure your handbag is closed and you carry so a pick-pocket would find it difficult to get into without you knowing.
• Never leave a bag unattended in a trolley, even if for a couple of seconds.
• Try and keep wallets in an inside pocket and out of sight from a potential pick-pocket.
• Keep your PIN number confidential.
• When entering your PIN number at a terminal ensure no one can see you enter it.
• Try to pay for items on a debit card rather than carrying large amounts of cash. If this is not possible keep cash to a minimum.
• Before you leave your car, ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked.
• Avoid leaving your purchases and presents in your vehicle. If you must make sure they are not on display, store in the boot and make sure the car is locked.
• Park your car in a well-lit car park, preferably one that’s attended or displays the Park Mark logo.
• Think about the item you are buying someone, are there any security products you could purchase to help them keep it safe. I.e. if buying a bike think about also giving a decent ‘D’ lock.
• When loading your car in a supermarket car park, keep an eye on your trolley. It only takes a moment for someone to walk by and take something from the top of your trolley, whilst you may be putting something in the car.
• Keep an eye on your shopping bags, there are many distractions. It only takes a moment for someone to pick up one of your shopping bags and walk away with it.

At Cash-points:
• If you see someone suspicious hanging around, cancel the transaction and use another cash-point.
• Before inserting you card have a look at the machine to check it looks normal.
• When entering your PIN number make sure others around cannot see.
• Avoid carrying large amounts of cash; only withdraw what you reasonably need.
• Put your money and your cards away safely before leaving the machine.

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Hampshire County Council has around 3500 roadside salt bins located across the highway network and we have been checking and replenishing these in recent weeks.

The bins are filled with a 50:50 mix of salt and grit and this can be freely used by members of the community for de-icing pavements and smaller access roads, and particularly those areas of public highway that are not covered by one of our main salting routes.

Please be aware that it only takes a tablespoon of salt/grit (roughly around 20 grams) to treat one square metre of road or pavement so a full bin can treat a substantial area.

If your local salt bin is less than ¾ full and needs refilling through the winter season the quickest way to let us know is via the specific link on our web page at

The Mission of Fawley Parish Council is:

‘To develop and sustain a sense of community within the parish of Fawley by addressing environmental, economic and social issues and delivering quality services to our Parishioners’.

Fawley Parish Council is one of the largest Parish Council in the New Forest with 15 Councillors around 36 permanent staff and boasts some impressive facilities and amenities which can be viewed on this web site.

FixMyStreet - report, view or discuss local problemsThe Parish is made up of Fawley, Blackfield, Calshot, Langley, Holbury and Hardley villages with a population of around 15,000 people and is located in the most southerly area of the Waterside within the New Forest with its shore line opening onto the Solent.

The Council is committed to the provision of facilities and resources to its residents and is developing a range of events, activities and new projects to bring the community together and develop local networks.

Buy With Confidence

buywithconfidencePrevent ‘Rogue Traders’ by using the ‘Buy With Confidence’ Scheme - Members of Hampshire County Council Trading Standards Buy With Confidence scheme are fully audited to ensure their trading practices are legal, honest and fair. All members have been checked for trustworthiness and compliance with consumer protection laws. Details can be obtained by telephoning 01962 833620, emailing or via the website

Warning from Hampshire Trading Standards Service - Doorstep and telephone cold callers offering spray foam loft insulation